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  • Rec Basketball games start January 9th, 2016...............Reminder if there is no school there is no practice..............If weather becomes an issue the BWYBA Board will make a decision about whether to cancel games as soon as possible Saturday mornings.
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Congratulations to the 4th grade boys travel team for winning...
Mail all payments with completed applications to: BWYBA, P.O....

  Evaluation Dates for the Rec Program Girls Grades 3-4...

2014-2015 Big Walnut Youth Basketball Association Send completed...
Basketball Skills And Drills
Be better today than you were yesterday.

4th Grade Boys Travel Team wins

Congratulations to the 4th grade boys travel team for winning the Newark Travel Basketball Tournament.


by posted 02/08/2016

Mail all payments with completed applications to: BWYBA, P.O. Box 963, Sunbury, Ohio 43074 or if you registered online bring your payment to the evaluations. Thank you.

by posted 10/23/2015


Evaluation Dates for the Rec Program

Girls Grades 3-4 - At Harrison Street Elementary     Thursday November 12     6:00-7:00 PM

Girls Grades 5-6 - At Harrison Street Elementary     Thursday November 12     7:30-8:30 PM

Players in Grades Boys 1-2 and Girls 1-2 will be split into team

Boys Grades 7-8 - At Harrison Street Elementary     Tuesday November 17      7:00-8:00 PM

Girls Grades 7-8 - At Harrison Street Elementary      Tuesday November 17    6:00-7:00 PM

Boys Grades 5-6 - At Harrison Street Elementary      Thursday November 19    7:30-9:00 PM

Boys Grades 3-4 - At Harrison Street Elementary       Thursday November 19    6:00-7:30 PM

Coaches Information

Coaches Meeting- Becky Benjamin will contact you if you mark the box on page 1 that you wish to be a coach. Plan on having a coaches meeting on Sunday November 22, 7:00 PM at Harrison Street Elementary Gymnasium. We will select for our practice times at this meeting. More info at coaches meeting.


Before you will be allowed to practice, all coaches, yes this includes all assistant coaches must complete an online concussion training course.  This is a state law.  Paste the link below into your browser and then click on the box to the right side of the screen that says “Launch the Training Course”.  At the end there will be a certificate that you can print or save as a file.  I need for you to send a copy of your completed form to Becky Benjamin.  The course will take about 40 minutes.  This all came into effect this spring, so any training you may have had this spring will still be current.  You will still need to forward a copy of it to Becky.



Back Ground Checks- For all Coaches!

In addition, we will be using Verified Volunteers as our background check group this season.  The link is below.  Click on the Level 1 background check.  The cost is being covered by BWYBA.  There is no charge to you.  The link is  .   GOOD DEED CODE  qox2m43 .  Everyone is required (including teachers, law enforcement, etc.) to complete the background checks. The argument we have heard is that those personnel have to have one on file with their employer to do their job so why do I need one with you.  It's simple, if something were to happen and we (or you) needed to provide proof we ran a background check, we couldn't. An employer will never share this information with us

by posted 10/16/2015

2014-2015 Big Walnut Youth Basketball Association

Send completed form, and participation fee to:

BWYBA, P.O. Box 963, Sunbury, Ohio 43074


        Participation Fee:  Boys grade 1-8 and Girls grade 1-8 - $100

  • Participant must be in grade 1-8.
  • Deadline for registration is November 6, 2015 for grades 1-6  and  November 15th for grades 7-8
  • Practices will begin in December with games being played in January through March 6, 2016.


NAME: __________________________________________________________________________________________


BIRTHDATE: _______________________________________HEIGHT: ___________ AGE: _________ SEX: ______


SHIRT SIZE (CIRCLE ONE):      YXS       YS         YM         YL        AS         AM        AL         AXL


STREET: _______________________________________________ CITY/ZIP: ________________________________


HOME PHONE: _____________ CELL PHONE #’S (Dad)__________________(Mom)_________________________


PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN: _______________________ EMAIL: (Dad)_______________________________________


SCHOOL: _________________ GRADE: ___________EMAIL: (Mom)_______________________________________  


COACH’S CALL CONTACT PHONE NUMBER (please list one phone number to contact for last minute cancellations due to snow or other changes)  If you leave this blank, you will NOT be notified: ________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME & PHONE (other than above): ___________________________________________


Are you taking any medications or under the doctor’s care at this time? If so, please explain:


We are looking for Volunteers!  Please check your interest in any of the following positions:


Administration  _____Coach  ______Assistant Coach  _________ Contact me about being a Team Sponsor__________



As parent or legal guardian, I hereby request permission for the above-named child to enter and participate in the Big Walnut Youth Basketball Association. I know the risks and dangers involved in the said activities, and that unanticipated and unexpected dangers may arise during such activities. I assume all risks of injury to them and their property that may be sustained in connection with the state and associated activities, in and about the premises. In consideration of the permission granted to allow the above-named individual to participate in the stated activities, I do hereby, for the participant, their heirs, administrators and assigns, release, remise and discharge the owners, operators, and sponsors of the said premises, of the officers and the officials and all other participants in the stated activities, from all claims, demands, actions or causes of action of any sort, for injuries sustained by the above student or their property during their presence in said premises and participation in the stated activities due to negligence or any other fault. I represent and certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above-named participant.





Distribution of this information does not necessarily mean endorsement or support by The Big Walnut Local School District but is provided as a public service.

by posted 10/16/2015
Basketball Skills And Drills

Be better today than you were yesterday.

by posted 09/09/2015
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