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BWYBA 2014-2015 7th & 8th Grade Rec Basketball Team Application
Download the application here --> BWYBA 2014-2015 7th &...
New Web-Based Communications System
BWYBA today began testing a whole new club management and communications...
Welcome to the new BWYBA website  
BWYBA 2014-2015 7th & 8th Grade Rec Basketball Team Application

Download the application here --> BWYBA 2014-2015 7th & 8th Grade Rec Basketball Team Application

Send completed form, and participation fee to:
BWYBA, P.O. Box 963, Sunbury, Ohio 43074
 Participation Fee: Boys grade 7 & 8- $100
• Deadline for registration is November 7, 2014. 
• Practices will begin in November with games being played in December and January.

Distribution of this information does not necessarily mean endorsement or support by The Big Walnut Local School District but is provided as a public service.

Evaluation Dates for the Rec Program
Harrison Street Elementary on November 12th from 7:15-8:30pm
* If we do not have enough volunteers to coach and organize the 7th & 8th Grade Intramural Program we will 
not have one this year.
* If your son does not attend he will be placed on teams at random.

Coaches Information
Coaches Meeting - Becky Benjamin will contact you if you mark the box on page 1 that you wish to be a
coach. Plan on having a coaches meeting on Sunday November 2nd at 6:00 PM at Harrison Street Elementary
Gymnasium. We will select for our practices times after all age groups have had their tryouts. More Info at 
coaches meeting.

Before you will be allowed to practice, all coaches, yes this includes all assistant coaches must complete an 
online concussion training course. This is a state law. Paste the link below into your browser and 
then click on the box to the right side of the screen that says “Launch the Training Course”. At the end there 
will be a certificate that you can print or save as a file. I need for you to send a copy of your completed form to 
Becky Benjamin. The course will take about 40 minutes. This all came into effect this spring, so any training 
you may have had this spring will still be current. You will still need to forward a copy of it to Becky.

Back Ground Checks- For all Coaches!
In addition, we will be using a new background check group this season, Verified Volunteers. The link is 
below. The cost is $19.00. BWYBA is picking up half of the cost. The link is

GOOD DEED CODE v51t2ws .

Everyone is required (including teachers, law enforcement, etc.) to complete the background checks. The argument we have heard is that those personnel have to have one on file with their employer to do their job so why do I need one with you. It's simple, if something were to happen and we (or you) needed to provide proof we ran a background check, we 
couldn't. An employer will never share this information with us.

by posted 10/30/2014
New Web-Based Communications System

BWYBA today began testing a whole new club management and communications system that should revolutionize the way we run our club.  Highlights include the following features:

  • Club news and information pages.
  • Home pages for all teams.
  • Online schedules for the league as well as individual teams in a variety of formats, including a multi-team schedule for families.
  • Email notifications of schedule changes.
  • Game results and player statistics.
  • League standings.
  • Online member database.
  • Customizable, online registration system.
  • Team Rosters.
  • Blast emails to select groups of members.

BWYBA will be testing these new features over the next 30 days to evaluate the many ways the club and its members can benefit. 

by Jeff Fuller posted 08/12/2014

Welcome to the new BWYBA website


by Jeff Fuller posted 08/06/2014
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